Using Gay Men Like Human ATM Machines

Gay Human AtmI must admit that one of my favorite hobbies is using gay men like human ATM machines. For a straight master like me I see no better use for them than that.

They get the privilege and honor of knowing they are making a straight man’s life better, making it possible for him to do anything and everything he deserves. All the while they work their pathetic asses off to earn their master more cash.

For all of you submissive gay men out there — listen to me! Become a human ATM and see what it’s like to truly be used and to truly pleasure a REAL MAN. You know you want to. Just the idea of being able to give a man, that is everything you can never be, every cent to your name is as hot as it gets and as OWNED as you can get.

You’ll soon derive pleasure only from sending master your tributes and getting off hearing about all the things that will be done with that money you slaved for all week long.

Human ATM Slavery: Your New Life

Your new life will never be boring and will never again be without meaning or purpose. This new life of yours as a human ATM slave will be unlike any other. You’ll finally be able to focus your life on pleasing a real man, a straight man which you could never get otherwise. Your chance is here and now you pathetic gay cash slaves. This is your moment to head down the path to the lifestyle of slavery and submission you NEED. Time to get it.

Gay Cash Masters Online


  1. Citysport

    Love how you treat gay guys with total disregard. I’m a fag. How do we get this going?

  2. Citysport

    On imamaster? Which profile?

  3. Please use and exploit me, Sirs!

  4. losercashfag

    Please contact me on YahooIM at losercashfag SIR

  5. Hey feeling greedy?;) take my credit info

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