Time to Tribute Your Master You Faggots

Tribute your masterSome of you might think right off the bat that tribute your master means gay financial domination but what it means to me is using you faggots to the extreme. I’m a real money master which means you mean nothing more to me than more money in my pocket.

You crave a man like me and in fact you can’t get enough of this shit. The thrill and excitement of watching your cash get drained away by a superior man is what gets you off like the loser faggot you are.

Whether you’re into worshiping my feet, ass, balls, choad, cock or whatever the fuck you’re into — it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t shock me, in fact I can take on any fantasy you’ve got bitch.

Tribute Your Master & Be an Owned Fag

That’s what you really craved is being one of my owned fags and now I’m gonna make it happen for you. Come chat with me on cam and learn your rightful place as my cash fag, money pig and personal slave that I do with as I fucking please bitch.


  1. Hey mate. Want to worship ur body. U do live meets.? Where u located ? How much ?

  2. Looking for a hot young cash master to drain my wallet, verbal abuse stimulates more draining ready to start asap

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