Ruthless Black Cash Master

Black Cash MasterYou’re now looking at a dominating and ruthless black cash master. When you enter my stable of submissive guys you’ll soon realize there is no resisting me.

Little bitches get smacked down and put in there damn place when they even think about talking back to me. I don’t want to hear that mouth of yours unless you’ve been spoken to, boy!

You’ll be entering into a life where your focus is on pleasing me, a real man, the way I deserve to be. So plain and simple you can expect me to be arrogant, cocky and of course swagged out. I’m everything you aren’t and my bulge is bigger than you can ever dream of having.

Your Black Cash Master Awaits

I use this think black meat on real pussy too yet don’t think for a second I won’t thrust that throat of yours full and grudge bang your ass out till you submit if I’m in the right mood. Sometimes I might just to inflict that hot mixture of pain, pleasure and humiliation on your gay ass.

The only thing you need to go is connect with me right now because I love using gay slaves ruthlessly in my free time. Trust me after one session, you’ll always submit to your ruthless big black cash master.



  1. geir johansen

    love black man i ama white stupid gay pig

  2. can i also be ur asswipe Sir, please?

  3. I wana b ur bitch

  4. Are you in NY? Love dominate controlling men who like using a bitchboi.

  5. Need a controlling and sadistic cash master to make me give it up.

  6. geir kjetsaa Johansen

    I am a fat ugly piss drinking toilet slave from Norway. I am nothing djust shit who must be humiliated andel exposed for the world to see when a looser I money belongings nede at cash MASTER like you sir

  7. Hello Sir,

    I am a mature white cash fag who stumbled across your website. I am interested in learning more about how I can serve you. Please contact me at


  8. Master, I’ll pay anything to eat and sniff master’s ass feet and farts, please visit me in NYC, I’ll pay for everything.

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