Money Masters Ready to Drain Gay Wallets

Money Masters
Credit: EdKnightX/

All you gay guys need to get your wallets out because us money masters are ready to drain them dry.

There is only one reason why you guys are out there working anyway and that’s to pay for the privilege of serving a real man.

Masters know that you horny pigs need to be dominated, trained and taught to serve properly — you’re just lucky we even spend time doing this or you’d all be stuck sniffing a bunch of gay asses and blowing fellow queers! What the hell is the fun in that?

Dominant Money Masters are What You Crave

You’ve been craving us forever but now thanks to the internet we can actually connect, chat, tease the shit out of you guys over the phone, over the computer or on cam. That’s the shit!

Now it’s easier than ever to submit to a powerful stud and become his personal wallet and gay cash pig!

Just think of all the ways we can wallet rape you now! For example, draining cash for calls, for time on webcam, to buy pictures, send tributes, gifts and so much more. This is the real damn deal so quit being a pussy and step up and get used by one of us money masters.


  1. Brian Boucher

    Please dominate me…

  2. Actually you are just an online escort for which I pay to jerk off on!

  3. wanna be a cash pig please

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