Hard Thug Master for Money Maggots

Thug MasterI hope you gay money maggots are ready for a hard thug master like me. No holes barred and no limits when it comes to the way I dominate holes like you.

You can’t ever be a real man so I’m always going to treat you like a pussy-boy, an inferior maggot that is there for my use and abuse. Can you handle it? I doubt that.

When it comes to draining wallets, I hit them bitches hard until they are dry and that’s the same way I use your gay ass throats and ass-pussies too though. I like everything hard, fast and as kinky as possible. If you doubt for a second who is control, that’s no problem. We can both flop out and see who has the real man cock here and I bet you my left nut it won’t be you.

Serve a Ruthless Hard Thug

Rule 1: Have that cash. Rule 2: Give me that ass.

That’s how I roll you sissy bitches. I’m not here to play games or make friends I’m here to get you so turned on you turn into a bitch for a thug like me — or I could just make you do it. Which game you want to play?



  1. willing to serve SIR

  2. I would love you to brutally train me to go to ATMs for you and be forced to pay your bills master

  3. Long to be trained

  4. Im ready for you to make me a bitch for a thug like you.

  5. I want you to ruin me

  6. Please make me give you my money, I long to be ruined by a thug like you

  7. I want it badly make me ur slave

  8. Sir, I am a weak and inferior faggot. I beg to be verbally abused and humiliated by superior dominant men like yourself. I’m a pathetic loser and I am willing to crawl like a dog to please you Sir.

  9. Yes I am ready I want it hard fast and humiliation, make me your bitch please

  10. Make me an example black mail me please

  11. Please make me your bitch now I am so ready to be turnd on

  12. I want you to make me your bitch

  13. Cashrape me financially and black mail me please master, what ever you want

  14. Please cashrape me hard and fast, I want it so badly. Show me to the world

  15. Please make me do things for you that I regret later

  16. I would like to begin serving you, for you are obviously a male who is superior to a weak white male like myself, but I have never done this before. Please explain the easiest way for me to get started giving cash to the Thug Master.

  17. Hello Sir,

    I am a mature white cash fag who stumbled across your website. I am interested in learning more about how I can serve you. Please contact me at subwhite@outlook.com


  18. Would love for you to empty my account regularly Sir. Can’t wait to hand over my cash to such a perfect Alpha

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