Gay Verbal Abuse and the Men That Need It

Gay verbal abuseBelieve it or not gay verbal abuse is a sought after fetish in the world of submissive homosexual men. Some may not understand the fantasy but it’s very real and thriving today.

Gay verbal abuse could be defined as the act of a stronger more dominant man verbally trash talking his submissive gay counterpart in a variety of ways.

The verbal abuse could come in form of teasing, taunting, name calling or even full on verbal degradation.

However the thing to keep in mind is that the more submissive man is actually wanting this to happen and is in no way being subject to it. It is actually just the thing that turns him on. That is the part many people don’t understand. They instantly think it is something unwanted like harassment of some sort but that’s because they don’t realize it’s a gay sexual fetish.

Gay Verbal Abuse for Men That Need It

The command of his powerful deep voice, the way he puts together words in such a way that it leaves you aching for more — that’s the true essence of gay verbal abuse. It’s that dominating attitude and superiority that all of you slaves crave the most.

The bragging, the belittling and arrogance spewing from our mouths does nothing but leave you needing more of it. In fact many guys need it so badly they turn to guys on webcam and gay phone sex to quench their thirst for a gay verbal abuse session.

Luckily for all of you looking, we have what you need, anytime you need it the most. But can you handle it?


  1. I would love to be verbal abused

  2. yeah, man, I need it. i ache for it all the time. thebigo92 on yahoo. Please email. i am achin’.

  3. I need it

  4. i so need a Dominant Hetrosexual Man to verbally abuse me about my faggotry!

  5. so need a verbal master to abuse me on cam

  6. Would love to be demeaned and humiliated.

  7. SIR, I am a weak and pathetic faggot that begs to be verbally abused and humiliated by superior dominant men. I am willing to crawl like a dog for such abuse.

  8. verbal slave

    I want to be verbal abuse my email or kik baldridge.payton

  9. I am really craving this. I need to relive the bullying I used to get when I was under 20 years old and the thinnest weakest tallest guy around. Always being beaten up and having my money stolen. Everyone was stronger than me. I was even overpowered by a stocky 12 year old once when i was 17. It’s so pathetic. But It aroused me like nothing else on earth. I’m bigger now, big still weak. I need that abuse again from tough lads in sports kit. With the right alpha male and the right connection, someone who really gets into my head, I think a financial aspect would feel amazing and extremely sexual. Thanks!

  10. Randy Oldman

    Demeaning and degrading treatment is absolutely crucial to my self image. It originated with my father and although I actually loathe his memory my faggot psyche fully accepts my inferior role and worthlessness. I would crawl in a trail of an Alpha male’s piss gladly licking up every drop to confirm my low status. Physically and verbally abuse me, please!

  11. How can i become your slave and serve you for anything you want?

  12. Hello Can I get in touch with some Masters?

  13. Looking for a real verbal master, any about?

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