Gay Financial Domination

Gay Financial Domination
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If you’re a true cash pig than you know gay financial domination is exactly what you deserve in life.

Your hard earned money should all be going to a superior man, a real man, not for a lowly queer like you.

The only reason you should even be working is so you can earn money to better the life of a dominant cash master so that you can serve him as he should be.

It’s about bowing down and taking it like a true human atm. Sure you can squeal all you want pig but when the cash draining begins there’s no turning back until we are satisfied. After all our satisfaction is what your focus should be anyway so quit your bitching and get your wallet out.

Real Gay Financial Domination

Lucky for you we are nice enough to be available for you inferior submissive slaves to serve and tribute online. Whether it’s cash masters cam chat or hardcore phone sex – we’ll let you decide that and the rest we will take care of.

Don’t worry about shocking us either queers, there are practically no limits so bring us your nasty ass fantasies and fetishes and we will bring them to life and drain your ass so hard you’ll be left spinning when we are done.


  1. I like this fetish, Sir

  2. Let. hook up.

  3. Anyone want to be my dominator??

  4. I want to be your cash pig

  5. I realize that my money is hared worked for you. I work only to please you Master. Let me be your cash pig Master.

  6. any teamviewer master available

  7. Please let me be your slave. I do anything for you master!

    Only 18!

  8. I need someone to dominate me and obliterate my mind. I need a cash master – I want to be a cash fag.

  9. any fat straight masters out there

  10. Hey master….Please use me.

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