Gay College Slave Hooked on Dom Cash Masters

Gay Slave for Dom Cash MastersSince my Sophomore year in college, a lot has changed. I found myself becoming hooked on dominant cash masters and arrogant asshole type guys, straight men specifically.

I’ve always thought of myself as a gay slave to verbal and aggressive top guys by this new found love for straight cash masters has me spinning over here.

Obviously this must have been a fetish I had or something because once it popped up, hardly anything else will get me off, unless I hold off on jerking for a very long time, which I can’t do. It started when this hot stoner from down the hall, hit me up one night for cash.

Apparently he wanted a bag and was short 20 bucks, so I pitched it to him thinking he’d hook me up or maybe he was secretly interested. Instead he never invited me to have any and made fun of me when I asked him about it. He called me a fag, laughed at me and basically said I was a pushover. I was pissed at first but then I got a boner from it.

Later that night I was grinding my pillow like a female and came thinking about him laughing as he takes money out of my wallet. Am I frigging losing my mind or do other people like this too? I’d never tell anyone because it seems too crazy but when I found your site it was like a huge relief. Any input is welcome. Thanks!

Addicted to Dom Cash Masters

First of all that’s hilarious. Second of all he should at least get you buzzed and really laugh at your expense… oh whoops, anyway lets get to your concerns. So here’s the deal. Basically you are a gay guy who has finally had something happen that basically ‘activated’ your fetish. Now that it took place, odds are it won’t go away and why should it?

So now that we got that out of the way, I’ll say this just to be cool for a second; there’s nothing weird about you or any other crazy bullshit. It’s just a sexual fetish like any other and you’re not the only one into. I mean, come on now, why the hell does this site exist? Exactly. It’s all good.

Rather than freak out or let it bother you just embrace it and enjoy gay financial domination like you really want to. You’ll probably realize it was the best choice you could ever make and lucky you for finding out when you’re in an environment like that — plenty of fun opportunities await!

If you have a question you’d like answered on the site, please leave it in the comment section below or email us. We are open to all topics so go ahead and get in on the fun. Want to chat with an arrogant jock online — see who’s on cam now.

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