Gay Cash Slaves: Tribute Your Money Now!

Gay Cash Slave: Money DrainingIf you’re reading this then you’re probably a gay cash slave and slaves are good for one thing only and that’s being used. Financial domination, cash draining and wallet milking are just a few of them.

Your money is actually Master’s Money and you know that so I wanted to make it easy for you to send it to me to blow on whatever the hell I want. Who knows maybe some of my buddies need some of that fag cash too!

Maybe you work hard or maybe you don’t but one this is for certain and that is your desire to send all your money to a hot hung straight cash master. You’re about to do just that.

Gay Cash Slaves: Send Master Your Money

This is going to be fast and as hard of a cash-raping as you can possibly handle. It’s about to happen! Can you feel the anticipation and excitement building, knowing you’re going to get out your wallet right now?!

Pull out your credit cards and start blowing cash on a straight master, you know you NEED this. This is as easy as can be and I want to see you put your money where your mouth is and show me what you got!

Now what you’re going to do is send Master E-Gift Cards. You can tribute anywhere from $0.50 to $2000 per card that you send. How many can you send? Infinite.

Ready, Set, Spend!

Simply click this link to amazon’s e-gift cards page and enter the email address below:

Now show Master you want to be a good obedient slave and send me as much as you possibly can. Show me how much money you have by making it mine! Trust me, this can and will become highly addictive.

Don’t be surprised if nothing else turns you on besides sending me all your cash tributes!


Why is this the best way for you to get cash drained by a straight master?

  • Safe, Anonymous & Discreet
  • I don’t receive any of your personal info such as your name, address or anything else.
  • All I receive is an email from Amazon, letting me know I received a tribute from whatever name you put in for the gift card itself.

Now quit wasting time and get sending your e-gift card to Master Now!