Financially Dominating Gay Men

Financially Dominating Gay MenThere are all sorts of fetishes in the world but today we are talking about financially dominating gay men.

Gay financial domination is a sub-genre of the Master/slave fetish community but when you throw in the straight male aspect of it — it morphs into a realm even deeper than that of the standard dominant and submissive situation.

Unlike a completely gay master and slave relationship this is one where a straight male is in the position of the dominant aggressive and the gay male is in a completely submissive role. This isn’t a controlling from the bottom up situation it is completely controlled by the straight male that is taking advantage of the weaknesses that the gay guy has over his master being straight.

For many gay guys a straight man is the epitome of the pure man as much as many of them would rather not say so in public, they do feel that way behind closed doors.

Financially Dominating Gay Men is Real

Many people would think someone is crazy for wanting someone to take their money but they don’t understand the relationship. If they looked at it in a way they could relate to they would easily. For example a straight man that loves big boobs will do whatever it takes including dropping serious cash to get what they ultimately desire — well the same applies for the submissive when it comes to his money master.

The gay slave wants desperately to please and to interact with his master so he does what it takes including paying his masters bills, sending him money or whatever else he demands. That’s what financially dominating gay men for fun is all about.

That’s truly the gist of it but like with all things there are far to many variables within each relationships dynamic to go much deeper than that.

Are you into gay financial domination? If so, share your thoughts in the comments and let us know about some of your experiences.

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