Draining Cash Fags Dry for Fun

Draining cash fagsTalk about a great way to spend a boring night; draining cash fags dry. It’s fun and when an otherwise sickening night comes around, that’s typically how I spend it.

Whether I’m video chatting or messing around with some queer over the phone, in one way or another I’m online using them to the maximum possible.

They know as well as I do that when you’re this hot and hung you deserve all their hard earned fag cash which is why I sometimes assess a nice weekly fag tax on them so I am always milking them dry.

When all of you fags hear that I’m straight and love doing this, you know it gets you twice as hard knowing that all that money is going right into a straight alpha male’s wallet. In fact maybe I should just start calling all of you my wallets. It makes sense seeing you’re willing to bend open and spread wide for me to take anything I want.

Draining Cash Fags: Your New Obsession

Doesn’t it just get you going thinking about a man like me draining your fag cash on a regular basis. Knowing you’ve been working your balls off all damn week just to see it all go out the window to bills and your new money master. While you spend time making more money, I’m off banging chicks and blowing your cash.

I think this is going to become your new obsession and it’s going to be one you can’t get rid of.


  1. this lowlife fag need to beg for permission for it to tribute you it hard earned money,Master.

  2. geir johansen

    drain me out sir

  3. willing to serve SIR

  4. I am looking for a new Master…

  5. Hosting Italia

    I refreshed my computer screen and saw the $20 waiting for Me. Pleased with the results, I demanded another round. The faggot stuffed itself with meth and drained itself of cash once again.

  6. I need a hard draining with teamviewer

  7. Dear Hosting Italia – how can i tribute to You?

  8. I love being dominated on the phone or Skype or in person by built strong bully boys! Spent a few thousand this week on this obscene, demeaning, humiliation and very hot habit!

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