Dominating Gay Money Slaves

Gay money slavesDominating gay money slaves has become completely normal. Having always been an dominant alpha-male it all came pretty natural to me.

It all started when I met a guy online and we started chatting about his desire to serve, respect and pay me for the privilege of being my online slave. Now being that I’m straight I made sure he knew what he was getting into and soon began to milk him for money for all sorts of things ranging from new sneakers to cash for pizza. I soon became comfortable with that lifestyle.

Anything and everything I do I make gay money slaves pay for it. Whether it’s clothes, dates, food or spending cash — they fit the bill. Even when it comes to my bills — they fit the bill.

Gay Money Slaves Line Up to Serve

Sure you can mess around with fakes and waste your time or you can mess with a real cash master and ruthless money kingpin. This is my life now and I rock that shit out to the fullest. I hope this gave you some insight and a bitch boner after reading this.

Want to find your own Money Master?


  1. Ready for you to use me

  2. How does one receive the Honor and Privilege of becoming one of your Loyal and Faithful Cash Slaves? I desire to Honor you with Gifts and Tributes Too. Please give my life True Meaning and Purpose for I desire to Serve and Worship you as my Actual King and Master for you are Perfection.

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