Cash Fags Will Learn Their Place Beneath Me

Cash FagsI’m going to make myself very clear. Cash fags will learn their damn place and it’s beneath me.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is you inferior queers have no equal footing with me! You are shit beneath my shoes, you are a thing to be used, molded and pimped for fag cash — nothing more and nothing less.

I have the body, the attitude and the dick for the job. An Alpha male is what I was born to be and do not settle for anything less.

So if it takes domination, humiliation or even degradation then so be it but you’ll end up submitting to me one way or another.

Cash Fags Line Up to Get Milked

I’ve always been a stud, always Mr. Popular and have always thrashed fags, had fun taunting them and of course using them behind closed doors for my own entertainment. It’s just in my blood, you could say. Financial domination and money milking gets the blood flowing somewhere else for me too.

Anyway, it all boils down to the fact that I know what you cash fags crave and you can’t resist that about me. I’ll latch on to your fantasies and leave you begging me to milk all those bitch bucks from your pockets and bank accounts.

You can thank me for it when it’s bone dry and trust me you will. A money master like me knows how to leave you throbbing deep in those balls and that ass for more of what I dish out. Come and get it.


  1. Hi sir! Your the boss I’ve been looking for. A total and real man to sirve and obey. I love feet, Sox and dirty cocks and get off on water sports. Please get in touch my card is yours.

  2. Sir, I am a weak and inferior faggot. I beg to be a slave. I need to worship a dominant verbal Master. I crave to be verbally abused and humiliated by superior dominant men who enjoy abusing faggots like myself.

  3. you are breathtaking. i cannot stop staring

  4. Submitting to serve only you Sir.

  5. Master are You there? Not sure anybody’s reading these.

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